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This is the official MEATGRINDER RECORDS monument site. MEATGRINDER RECORDS was founded in
November '14 for the solitary sake of bearing the peak form of unadulterated energy of one single band. The intent when summon MEATGRINDER RECORDS was to have a solid for our substance, a soil for the new that would not be part of a moribund, to bygone era … To bear the cross of expressed or performed emphasis from a single source, responded with the innermost, this is Meatgrinder Records. Uttered with insistence, denial, refusial to exalt and achieve the most authentic true pulchritude. A celebration of art, more a cachet than a label. A cachet that approves the peak form of unadulterated energy, real aggression, real artistic expression. Our music is recorded rendition, clarification & amplification of what others refuse to reveal.

Creating art separatet of any questioning, or functions, uttered with insistence, denial, refusial and personal expirienced darkness. Qualia ex negativo is meant to be our definition of daylife. In our own art of thinking and
creativity. MEATGRINDER RECORDS is an Extreme Metal record label, based in the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland. MGR aims for the manufacturing and distribution of utterly harsh & heavy music. MEATGRINDER RECORDS also promotes & provides extern bands and supports or even creates cultural content (MGR standards) and platforms to sustain the local subculture/underground scene. Otherwise MEATGRINDER RECORDS is active worldwide and maintains precious relations and friendships. Most of the points which were referred happen on a non-profit level. Infernal hails to Extreme Music, the bands and fans. Altough MGR will address the following specific objectives:

… To birth the upcoming full length Album by Zurichs Extreme Metal band MATTERHORN

… supporting every form of Metal creations when it is made the same way we would do it on our own.
For example the Grave Wave Magazine, a local metal fanzine that appears to be the only one in switzerland, or promoting underground bands like Hotel Greulich …

… Promotion: Inform the fans about Material that we find is really worth to inform about …

… Give bands like Matterhorn, Pervers or Hotel Greulich or any other band that we find real and interesting
and that ask us to, the opportunity to record their stuff in the vein of MGR as a dynamic and
free artists collective.
To give it a specific feel and MGR sound. Working togheter for the highest goals to aim:
creating real outstanding art, doing the best you can to do so …

… Meatgrinder Records is not going to be ye olde distro and promo mail spammer and we will never give attention
to the typical bands mass promo stuff, we' d rather be introvertists …

… nor is it about to achieve as many band projects as possible, in spite of lacking quailty instead of
a timeless masterpiece …

Be prepared when it happens. Sincerly, MGR Management.

MGR presents uncompromising, authentic & ulterior Material from the swiss Extreme Metal sub. Please address your inquiry in writing or by e-mail to our address specified below.

P.O. Box 318
8603 Schwerzenbach

For common messages contact: mail@meatgrinder.eu
For merchandise information or purchase order: merch@meatgrinder.eu
Booking an Artist: booking@meatgrinder.eu
Exclusive Hotel Greulich contact hg@meatgrinder.eu